Welcome to the billionaire Society well the beginning of the society

2020 and beyond

by lil old me

10 years of research

and development

It was a vision of mine to have compulsory tax of international welfare tax

say 1% of all earnings from everyone including those on welfare now

we worked it out we need absolute trillions of dollars

to terraform the planet into the heaven that is described in the bible

there is much the people of earth can do to make it a better place

now we think united nations should handle everything

of course everyone would have an ID chip

to store all there details they could withdraw with

debit card

how about I say this use water to fuel your house and car

we show you how and where to get the technology

or how about power your electricity for the cost of a

get this motor generator

now in 2017 studying my horticulture certificate

and studying permaculture

online for starters

we enter a new age

is this where jesus said the world will end as we we know it

doomsdayers beware

its actually a strange thing you see !

we found water on planets in our solar system!

though shall eat the fruit and veg

and be amongst the animals as friends

we can grow hydroponically and grow fish and deliver meat

in off world controlled environments

modern days noahs arks you see would be much more sophisticated

then previous

whether you believe in the bible or not

the teachings of the bible are an excellent way to live

the commandments are decent

and above all

everlasting life happens forever

we are here but for a short time

lets see what we can do in our time

now with the new planets in our solar system

and virgin galaxy getting up and running

soon well see inhabitants all over our beautiful solar system

we are still learning now at this moment

okay folks here's a brief summary of the billionaire society and why we think its important

to get off the ground

here in australia we have a very good welfare system our country is inoculated

well those who choose to protect themselves can

for very little

you see in this planet we have all sorts of nasties and we need to protect ourselves from the nasties

okay folks we are about to take you on a journey into the future of the future

we will explain as time goes by

If we can offer welfare recipients a way to earn money

by refering people to the society

I.e $50.00 per month residual income per signed referral

you will make money

will have to be declared through welfare and government

tax to be paid accountants to employ

and records to keep

plus a billionaire pool payment

where we set aside a percentage of profits and distribute it

amongst our clients

giving them the chance to lessen the burden of the welfare system

freeing up currency for our world to develop into a better one

I.e if you could put $10.00 per day in every africans hands that need it

we would lift that country out of poverty

hopefully this will lesson the burden on governments to perform

and free up other resources otherwise not affordable

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